Invasive Focus: Yellow Toadflax, Linaria vulgaris

(photo credit)

Yellow Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) is a perennial herb that can reach 3.3 ft. tall. Leaves are nearly sessile, drooping, linear and 1-2 in. long. Leaves can sometimes be sparsely covered by long hairs. Flowering occurs from May to September, when yellow/white, snapdragon-like flowers develop. Flowers, including the spur, are 0.6-1.2 in. long and occur in racemes at the apex of the stems. Fruits are capsules that are 0.4-0.5 in. long. Each capsule contains small, flat seeds with a papery wing. Yellow toadflax is native to Europe and was introduced into North America, as an ornamental, in the mid 1600s. Plants occur in fields, pastures, roadsides, undisturbed prairies and rangelands. (

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