What Plants Talk About – Documentary

“When we think about plants, we don’t often associate a term like “behavior” with them, but experimental plant ecologist JC Cahill wants to change that. The University of Alberta professor maintains that plants do behave and lead anything but solitary and sedentary lives.”

23,000 Ponderosa Pine and 2,000 Douglas Fir in Colorado

350 years old. Seed collected from this tree for the planting projectSeed for the project was collected from this 350 year old Ponderosa pine.

Colorado Restoration Project Colorado Restoration Project Colorado Restoration Project
For this planting project in Colorado, site specific seed was collected and then grown out in our Idaho nursery by lot number, enabling a more precise installation within the correct elevation and aspect. We are working with seven different genetic sources, keeping those genetics separate is important for a successful restoration.

Another 23,000 Doulgas fir are still in production and will be installed next year. Vexar compostable netting is included with each planting as browse protection from the large herds of elk in the area.

Salmon Safe – Save Wild Salmon

Salmon Safe is a Pacific Northwest based non-profit striving to protect the last remaining wild salmon stocks in the continental US. They have marshaled a coalition between farmers, wineries, corporations and individuals to preserve and protect the immense system of lakes and rivers the salmon call home.

Weed Management with Native Seed

Weed Management with Native SeedWeed Management with Native Seed

This particular project site was once dominated by weeds and experienced erosion problems. CSR, Inc. seeded the area with a native grass mix to lessen weed presence and reduce wind erosion issues. The germinating grass seed will need a season of growth to effectively out-compete non-natives, but the area is well on its way to a beautiful low-water landscape.

Improving Sage Grouse Habitat in Wyoming


WY sagegrouse habitat

WY sagegrouse habitat

CSR, Inc. recently completed a Juniper removal project located near Shell, Wyoming. The project required mastication of Juniper and Douglas Fir within specified areas in order to improve existing Sage Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus) habitat.

The goal was to increase nesting and rearing opportunities within sagebrush and native grass populations while decreasing predator nesting sites. Sage Grouse numbers utilizing known leks within Big Horn county have decreased recently, a trend also occurring within most of the historic Sage Grouse range.

Suillus Mushroom

Suillus spSuillus sp. mushroom photographed near Pine, Idaho.

Suillus mushrooms: as opposed to having gills, these types of mushrooms produce their spores from the spongy underside of the cap. The slimy layer on top can be peeled off like a skin. While many Suillus are edible, there are many that are not. Please remember that wild mushrooms can kill you! Consult the assistance of an experienced mushroom collector before ever consuming wild fungi.

Find Mycological societies near you, listed by state, by clicking here.

Species info provided by Matt Greer, a friend and past employee of CSR, Inc. 

Native Plants for the Idaho Botanical Garden

Native plants for the Idaho Botanical GardenUtah columbine, Aquilegia scopulorumNative Plants for the Idaho Botanical Garden,

CSR, Inc. is proud to be donating approximately $15,000 worth of native plants from our inventory to the Idaho Botanical Garden!


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